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Cedarcroft Advisors

Cedarcroft Advisors

David Lunken, Principal

David Lunken has more than 20 years experience as a results-driven senior executive with in operations, sales and marketing. At Cedarcroft Advisors, David uses his entrepreneurial and business skills working with senior leadership in organizations to help them build effective teams empowered to achieve and surpass business goals.

An expert in clarifying, planning and aligning organizations and teams, Cedarcroft Advisors motivates organizations to win the race and surpass expectations. They help their clients gain clarity by identifying goals and measurable outcomes;  plan the details and get through the hurdles;  and align actions and people to reach goals. The ultimate goal is to drive results by building successful teams and a winning organization.  Two critical tools that helps David to achieve these outcomes include:

Contact Information:
David Lunken, Principal
Cedar Croft Advisors
Phone: (410) 961-5555
LinkedIn:  www.linkedin.com/in/davidlunken
Twitter:  @dlunken

Nancy Sutherland

Nancy Sutherland

Nancy Sutherland, principal of Nancy Sutherland, Inc., is committed to helping companies meet their objectives through custom learning solutions, presentations, workshops and activities. Her passion has always been around making complex topics interesting and easy to understand. 

  • Sales Optimization. Nancy works with sales organizations to develop best practices and learning solutions that result in more productive sales people who can win more business and deliver for their customers, ensuring the sales process is well defined and fully integrated into the project to meet the objectives.
  • New Hire Activity.  Nancy creates a “big-picture” activity used during the first day of a new hire’s career,  that helps build commitment and enthusiasm for the company right from the start. New employees walk away with a self-created takeaway new organization.

Nancy recently co-authored two books on sales: “Rainmaker! Making the Leap from Salesperson to Sales Catalyst” and “Catalyst5: Making the Leap from Sales Manager to Sales Leader.” Her passion for helping people grow in their career by improving their skills and embracing change shines through in all her interactions.

Contact Information:
Nancy Sutherland, Principal 
Nancy Sutherland, Inc.
Phone: 770-714-3509
Email: njsuther@gmail.com
LinkedIn:  http://www.linkedin.com/pub/nancy-sutherland/0/595/317

Hildebrand Creative

Hildebrand Creative

Led by president and founder Dennis Hildebrand, Hildebrand Creative has been creating strategic, imaginative and effective marketing communications for Fortune 500 companies and Ethics & Compliance departments since 2002. The company is known for its innovative approach to creating training programs, using advanced technical capabilities to build learning initiatives that incorporate games, reinforcement training and video. Its a company where paying it forward is incredibly important to the firms principals. Doing so takes many forms, including donating its staffs talents to an online micro-giving organization, assisting a local non-profit focused on helping the homeless or just guiding a small business to get up and running on the web and social networks. Hildebrand Creative excels at interactive training reinforcement programs, communication and awareness strategies and social media video production.

Contact Information:
Dennis Hildebrand
Phone: 630.717.1010
Twitter: @dennishcg
Blog: dennishildebrand.com


Positive Leadership Dynamics

PLD specializes in propelling leaders and managers to unlock peak performance in their organizations. Our firm specializes in behavioral and organizational assessments, leadership development, and focused executive coaching.

Clients want to attract the best talent for their key positions and get these employees performing at peak levels quickly.  To aid in this process, PLD provides a suite of behavioral assessments to assist clients in making the right hire for the right job - and then supporting new hires to create a meaningful impact in their organization.

  • Hiring Assessments. PLD conducts behaviorally based assessments in multiple dimensions to assist hiring managers or position sponsors with their determinations of key talent.  These assessments allow the clients to identify the key accountabilities and position “benchmark" against which to measure prospective hires.  Prospective hires can then be assessed not only against the benchmark, but against other members of the candidate pool as well.  
  • Onboarding Assessments. Once a candidate has been selected, PLD performs a “gap analysis” of behaviors, motivations, and professional capacities, to determine focus areas for development plans and professional coaching as the new hire acclimates to the role.  
  • Professional Coaching and Leadership Development. Whether with a new hire, a promoted executive, or an identified high-potential employee, PLD uses the employee assessment data to construct a leadership development/executive coaching engagement specifically targeted to address the key talents of the employee and needs of the position.  

The Director of Positive Leadership Dynamics, Stu Danforth, is an organizational development consultant and executive coach with over 20 years’ experience in behavioral change, leadership development, and organizational management.  Stu developed and trains clients in the Positive Leadership Paradigm™, with focused attention on team dynamics and cross functional senior leadership.  

Contact Information:
Stu Danforth, Director
Positive Leadership Dynamics Llc
Phone: 617.640.4797
Twitter: @studanforth
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/sgdanforth

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